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Minimal Viable Marketing Bootcamp

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You only need to read one testimonial, because nothing I ever say about this course can ever be better than this.

(But there's a page at growthlab.so/bootcamp if you really want to read more)

Here's Viktor, who was part of the January 2024 cohort.


It is hard to describe what this course is.

For me personally this was "concrete steps for idea validation and very early marketing before any scaling". I had made a bunch of projects before this course scratching my own itch & hoping something would stick.

Each of these projects had the same issue - I have an idea, I code it for N weeks, I understand that I have no clue how to find someone who would like this.

I would try a bunch of random stuff trying to market it, I fail, I feel discouraged & switch to a different idea.

So even without this course I knew that I had to validate my idea before coding and sometimes I would even google search whether someone asked for this or made something similar. 99% of the time I wouldn't find anything and then end up coding it anyway. I knew that I needed to find people ready to pay and talk to them and potentially presale, but I had no clue how to find them, so never did.

Presales felt totally impossible.


This course gave me tools to resolve this. Now I can pick a niche or expand a niche from my own itch, find people to talk to, reach out to them, actually get them into a call, lead the call & collect insights, ask for payment or prepayment and learn from their objections. I even did all of these before the course was over.

Does this automatically bring you to $10k MRR?

No. You are unlikely to achieve any MRR during the course itself, because 2 months is not much time. Is this a magic silver bullet we all are missing to become rich in an easy way? No.

You still have to work hard, make a bunch of decisions. You will doubt yourself on your way. This transformation from dev to entrepreneur is not easy (I was shaking before my first call!).

Fortunately, Eli gives you all the tools and even supports you on your way - he analyzed mistakes I made and gave concrete advice including how to be less nervous.

I recommend to every dev who wants to become an entrepreneur to take this course.

It is bizarre to an engineering mind, but literally just the way you phrase things in your cold outreach or calls affects the outcome greatly and without Eli I would have never noticed this myself. I almost felt like taking "communication 101 for introverts" during this course sometimes.

Without Eli, I felt lost as an entrepreneur.

I had no concrete plan, thus, felt like wasting time & procrastinated a lot. Now I know how to make something people want - how to find people to talk to, arrange calls with them, find what they really want (despite what they tell you).

It is hard for me to say how far I am from having a sustainable income from my business, but I already feel transformed and liberated with a concrete path & goal, thus, extremely motivated and energized!

After taking the course I cannot imagine going back to my old ways of doing projects.

I've been talking to my latest niche for 3 weeks now and already disproved 3 ideas without writing any code - previously I would have spent 3 months coding these ideas.

As a bonus, Eli is a fun guy with lots of tips & tricks for everything in life & unique perspective.

Despite this he definitely knows his strong sides and does not try to be an expert in everything - he will redirect you to someone better in an area, where he cannot advise. Also I enjoyed his philosophy and approach to life. Some of the advice from the course I apply everyday in my day to day life.

I see the course as a "potentially life changing" experience - it has already transformed me greatly as an entrepreneur and I think with time this new trajectory has the potential to pay off extremely well.

-- Viktor, January 2024 Cohort

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A full live 8-week marketing bootcamp for engineers course taught by Eli Finer

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Minimal Viable Marketing Bootcamp

0 ratings
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